Coronavirus Prompting Home Care Agencies to Launch New Service Lines

by Andrew Donlan, Home Health Care News, April 27, 2020 

In their response to the COVID-19 crisis, home care providers have been forced to make more changes to their daily practices in the last two months than they could’ve imagined at the beginning of 2020.  According to a recent ClearCare survey — which netted over 700 responses, including 250 from agency owners in the U.S. and Canada — the biggest challenges have been acquiring PPE, a dip in hours and scheduling mix-ups.  “I think that the future is bright for home care,” said Julianne Roth, president of Companions For Living.. “That starts with the fact that everyone else in the health care continuum has a much clearer picture of the value that we bring to the table. Because of that, we now have a seat at the table, where perhaps we didn’t in the past. We’ve demonstrated our value — that we’re able to keep people home and provide care where it is safest.”

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