Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are caregivers employed by your agency, or by the client?

A: All Companions for Living staff are directly employed by the agency. We are responsible for paying their salary and taking care of the payroll taxes and Workers Compensation Insurance. They are also covered by our liability insurance.

Q: What kind of insurance do you carry?

A: Companions for Living carries the following insurance to protect both our caregivers and our clients: Liability, Workers Compensation, Non-hired Auto (for driving employee vehicles), and our employees are covered by our Fidelity Bond.

Q: Is the agency registered with the state Dept. of Consumer Protection?

A: Yes. Our State of CT DCP Registration Number is HCA0000104.

Q: How do you screen your employees?

A: CFL has a comprehensive screening process for our caregivers. After we interview each candidate in person, we perform a NATIONAL background check. Each candidates history is screened for criminal, sexual assault and terrorism. We also speak with three professional references.

Q: How are the caregivers trained?

A: Caregivers are all trained in a new employee orientation class. In this class, they are familiarized with CFL policies and procedures which are designed to keep our clients safe and engaged. At the end of the training class they must take an assessment. We will only send them on assignments if they score an 80% or better on that assessment.

Q: How are the caregivers supervised?

A: CFL Supervisors are in touch on a regular basis with clients and their families. In addition, we perform a quality assurance check at least twice per year to ensure that our caregivers are meeting our standards and our clients expectations.

Q: What are the caregivers credentials?

A: Caregivers who are solely hired for Companion and Homemaking do not have any special credentials, other than being reliable and compassionate human beings. However if a client requires Personal Care (hands on care), our caregivers will be trained and certified as either Home Health Aides, or Certified Nurses Aides.

Q: How often are caregivers rotated for clients?

A: It is our mission to have our clients form relationships with our caregivers. For that reason, we do not rotate caregivers unless there is a specific reason that we must.

Q: How are caregivers and clients matched?

A: Part of the process of hiring CFL as your agency includes an in-home visit by one of the managers of the company. During this time, a Needs Assessment is completed so that the agency knows what the current situation and expectations are of the caregiver. During this process, the CFL representative will get to know the client and be able to do a good job in personality matching with our caregivers.

Q: What happens if you dont like the caregiver?

A: We ask that a client call the office immediately if there is something that isnt working out. It is always our preference to intermediate and/or coach the caregiver and see if we can overcome any issues that may arise in a client/caregiver relationship. If the issue cannot be resolved, CFL will find another caregiver who will be a better fit.

Q: What geographic areas does the agency cover?

A: CFL presently covers the Greater Hartford and New Haven, CT regions.

Q: How are services paid for?

A: CFL bills its clients every other week. Invoices are mailed on Mondays, and payment is expected within 7 days. Insurance typically does not cover services like ours as they are non-medical in nature. However, Long Term Care insurance policies typically do cover our services.

Q: What is the policy for inclement weather?

A: Employee safety is of primary concern to our company. If there is bad weather on a scheduled workday, caregivers will do their best to get to the client’s home safely and on time. If a caregiver is concerned about hazardous conditions, they will contact our office to discuss the weather situation and whether they are able to get to the client’s home. If the weather does not permit the caregiver to get to the client’s home, the office staff will notify the client and make every attempt to find a different caregiver to take that shift, if the client requires care.

Q: How Do I find the “Right” Home Care Provider for me?

A: There are several methods in finding a caregiver. The link below will provide you with a chart that demonstrates the different methods. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the Home Care Provider Chart will take you to a chart that demonstrates the different methods to go about finding the “right” caregiver for you and your loved ones. The least expensive option (at least on the surface) is privately hiring a caregiver. However, it is our strong belief that when you hire an agency, you develop a relationship with that agency, and that’s preferable to the relationship established with a sole caregiver. An agency has the experience and resources to find new or additional caregivers as each situation warrants. Agencies also provide support to families who are facing specific challenges. Please call us if you feel that you need additional help in navigating the caregiver network, and/or hiring a caregiver.

Q: What happens if a caregiver is ill or goes on vacation?

A: If the caregiver requires either scheduled or unscheduled time off, we will always let the client/family know. In those cases our scheduling department will ask if the preference is to replace the caregiver or not. If the caregiver should be replaced, we will do our best to find a qualified caregiver to fill in.

Q: What is the procedure for communicating any concerns or observations to the family?

A:  If there are any observations or situations that are of concern, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to notify the office. The office will notify the family if there is a change in condition or if there is any cause for concern, as appropriate. Additionally, the supervisor will investigate if the situation warrants it, and the family will be kept in the loop with ongoing communication.