Memory Support

Memory Support Caregiver Agency in West Hartford, CT

Memory Support

We believe that everyone deserves to be engaged and fulfilled.

In consideration of the growing numbers of our clients requiring memory support, we are now the only home care company in the area that is certifying our caregivers to provide specialized memory support services.

We take a capabilities-oriented approach with each individual client and family to assess their unique needs and interests. Then, we develop a customized plan to maximize functional abilities and satisfy interests to improve quality of life. For example, if a client has difficulty communicating in a customary manner, we can determine the best way to interpret his or her intention because we’re trained to know the right cues to listen and look for (we “speak” dementia).

For individuals with memory loss and for their families, our goals are to increase engagement, fulfillment, and the ability to communicate.

These are some of the things we can help with:

  • How to communicate well and stay active and involved with activities and others;
  • How to manage changes in behavior and daily habits;
  • How to get some relief and respite for family caregivers;
  • How to make the home as comfortable and safe as possible;
  • And how to know if and when it’s time to consider getting more support and/or related services.

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