My dad is so much happier now, and it’s all thanks to Companions for Living. – Liz P., Client’s daughter


The two caregivers that were provided by Companions for Living were particularly sensitive to my mother’s changing behavior patterns. – Tom, Client’s son


I love being a caregiver because… – CFL Caregivers

Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of caring for countless men and women . I can honestly say that I enjoy my job, and I thank God for the opportunity to be of service to people in the later portion of their lives. Companions for Living has given me that platform to do what I do best. I go to work each day and meet some of the most interesting people with the biggest hearts. I laugh and cry with them and miss them terribly when they’re gone. It doesn’t feel like work to me. I have a calling in my life and this is it. I am at my best when I’m caring for others. Thank you to Companions for Living for giving me the platform to spread my wings and fly. 10 years strong and still going.

– Valerie Durant- Byrdsong, CFL Caregiver

I had to write you to let you know the incredible shift I’ve seen in my 87 yearold father. Since mom died and he moved in with us 6 years ago, I’ve worried as his zest for life and his level of activity have both decreased dramatically. Running a busy household with 3 kids as well as a growing business, I’ve felt guilty about the lack of 1:1 time I’ve been able to give my dad in these tougher years of his.

And then Companions for Living showed up. Wow. I sat across from him last night and soaked in the fact that his sparkle is back, he’s spending time again out in the garden, he’s even going out to coffee with your amazing staff member.  The days Carolyn shows up are special ones for dad (and for me) because he has a patient ear to listen to the (repeated) stories, and has someone completely dedicated to his well being and happiness. This has not only given him joy, it has taken an enormous level of stress off of my shoulders. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. What you provide – joy, care, companionship for the overlooked elderly – is truly priceless.

– Linda Albright of West Hartford

  “I wanted to be sure to let you know about my experiences with your company over the last two years, and about the care that my mother Marie received. From the very first day when I called your company over two years ago and spoke to Elaine, it has been a truly positive experience. I remember that first phone call when Elaine explained everything in detail and made the appointment to come and meet my mother at the rehab hospital. Right from that first conversation I felt reassured and confident that I was dealing with a quality company. Elaine has been wonderful over the last two years. I have called her in the evening and on weekends and many times in between. She has always been extremely professional yet sincere and caring through every aspect of Mom’s care. She has met with me in person whenever I needed her and helped me figure out situations that were difficult when my mom transition from 24-7 care to part-time care. She has been kind and caring through every phase of this journey. You are truly lucky to have her.

The other staff members have also been great. I have spoken to Doreen who has helped me several times. Kristina has been especially helpful and patient. I have talked to her many times over the past couple of years, probably too many times for her liking, and she has always been pleasant and helpful. We had many discussions when there was a change in caregiver for time off or changes. She has always reassured me and listened to my concerns. I always knew I could call or text your agency at any time and someone would promptly get back to me and address my concerns. Communication is extremely important to the person trying to coordinate the care for his or her loved one.

Most importantly, I would like to tell you how great the caregivers you employ are. Mom had such good care from all the caregivers your agency provided for her. They always seemed to be extremely competent and experienced. I was so pleasantly surprised as to how caring and concerned the aids were caring for Mom. They truly enjoyed caring for mom especially the 24-7 caregivers. Mom was so lucky to have had wonderful people like Avis and Audet in her life.

A company is really only as good as the people it employs and you should truly be proud of the caregivers and all the staff at Companions for Living. What a wonderful group of people. Even dealing with Mom’s long-term insurance company was made easier for me with the billing system that is used. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who needs to hire a great caregiver. Thank you for providing such a great experience for my mother and also for me.

Barbara P.

  “I am writing you regarding your caregiver who helped care for my father during the final months of his life.  I want to make sure that you know how wonderful a caretaker your employee is.

My father, in his prime, was a dedicated doctor who worked an average of 12 hours a day taking care of his patients.  When he retired, he spent years volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, helping to design homes of people with disabilities.  He volunteered to mentor former inmates to help them re-establish themselves in society.  But Alzheimer’s disease reduced my intelligent, powerful, generous father to a helpless old man, and towards the end he was in and out of hospitals as we tried to stabilize his outbursts of rage.  Instead of being the caretaker, he became the one in need.

We hired your caregiver without knowing how marvelous he was going to be.  Even after five weeks of hospitalization trying to calm my father, he continued to react with rage when he needed to be changed by staff.  But he trusted your caregiver, and liked him.  Your caregiver made sure that no staff members had to risk being hurt, and somehow, miraculously, he helped my father feel safe and cared for.  Every time I visited, your caregiver was sitting next to my Dad, keeping him company, talking to him, or feeding him.  He was astonishingly protective.  And since my father loved to be outside, your caregiver had him out there every day.  Working twelve-hour shifts, seven days a week, your caregiver guaranteed that the final stage of my father’s life was as good as humanly possible.  It was a huge relief for me, as I live too far to visit frequently.  It gave our entire family peace of mind.

…I have never seen dedication like this.  My father was blessed to have this man in his life.

Diane (her father lived in Avon)

“Our experience with Companions for Living has been very positive. The company takes a very pro-active, hands-on attitude towards maintaining its clients’ satisfaction. They understand the importance not only of providing for each clients’ individual physical requirements, but also takes care to assess and select companions/caregivers who are genuinely dedicated and sensitive to the particular client’s needs.” –Elizabeth of Avon

“I found Companions for Living to be very professional and helpful. The staff does a good job of meeting the client’s needs and providing quality services. Julianne and her staff did well dealing with a complex situation that needed extra attention. I feel comfortable recommending Companions for Living as a resource to people in need of home care services.” –Marcia, LCSW

“My experience with Companions for Living has been most satisfying. Coming at a time when decisions were difficult to make alone, I found that the agency’s personal attention and sensitivity to the subject matter has been extremely gratifying. The caregiver selected was well matched to my mom’s personality and needs. Being most thankful for their guidance, I would not hesitate to use the services of Companions for Living for your loved ones.” –Nancy of West Hartford

“I had always dreaded the day when my mother would “become the burden” she dreaded becoming and came very close when her Alzheimer’s rapidly progressed following a recent illness. Thanks to Companions for Living and the wonderful round-the-clock caregiver Companions for Living has provided, Mom is enjoying her life by continuing the activities that were so important to her with trained, friendly, comforting, and patient support. We have peace of mind knowing she is happy in her own home and reliably cared for. I especially appreciate the company’s flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of my mom and the rest of my family. This firm is a Godsend!”

Linda (her mother lives in West Hartford)

“Companions for Living has been perfect for my needs. I have a brain injury and use a wheelchair. Also, I don’t drive. I lived with my mother who recently suddenly died, so my need for companion help came real fast. My needs included light clean-up and transportation. Companions for Living is the only service I found that does all this. In the first month, they transported me to two doctors and two dentist appointments. Also, I’m really happy with their fast response time to my questions and requirements.” –Mike of Simsbury

“Thanks to you and my caregiver for giving me more happy days than I’ve had in a long time.”

Rollin of Simsbury

“I just wanted to send a note to thank you for your support with my Dad. Your service was good and helped us get through a difficult transition period.”

Wishing you health and success,
Jude C.

“I just want to say how much we have appreciated all your care and wonderful work on behalf of Mom and your office staff has been just wonderful! The caregiver to work with Mom was so perfect. THANK YOU for assigning her. Thank you again for all you have done for us and please extend this to everyone in the office, especially Mom’s last two caregivers.”

Very gratefully yours,

“My mother and I are both thoroughly impressed with your concern, your caregiver, and your pricing.”

Jean M. of West Hartford