Staying Fit and Safe

CFL is committed to staying connected with you and, together, we will navigate these unprecedented times. Here is this week’s featured information to let you know some of the steps we are taking to help prevent and protect our seniors and other high-risk individuals from getting the COVID-19 virus.

During the pandemic, most of us have had to do activities in our homes by ourselves that we’re used to doing out in the community and collectively.  Taking classes and exercising for instance – and here’s a good example of how these come together for young and old.  An online summer school has a fitness and health program for kids. The class is learning about the benefits of physical exercise to maintain a healthy body, not only in our younger years but also when we are in our senior years.  They came across the Companions for Living website and suggested this online resource to us for safe and healthy sports and games that seniors can engage in as things return to normal.  Thanks kids…and teacher Abby Murphy at Online Learning Haven.  It’s great to see we’re all getting in the game to help each other during these trying times!