Linda Albright of West Hartford

I had to write you to let you know the incredible shift I’ve seen in my 87 year–old father. Since mom died and he moved in with us 6 years ago, I’ve worried as his zest for life and his level of activity have both decreased dramatically. Running a busy household with 3 kids as well as a growing business, I’ve felt guilty about the lack of 1:1 time I’ve been able to give my dad in these tougher years of his.

And then Companions for Living showed up. Wow. I sat across from him last night and soaked in the fact that his sparkle is back, he’s spending time again out in the garden, he’s even going out to coffee with your amazing staff member. The days Carolyn shows up are special ones for dad (and for me) because he has a patient ear to listen to the (repeated) stories, and has someone completely dedicated to his well being and happiness. This has not only given him joy, it has taken an enormous level of stress off of my shoulders.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. What you provide – joy, care, companionship for the overlooked elderly – is truly priceless.