Warning Signs of Stroke

Strokes are caused by bleeding into the brain tissue.  They are more common in the elderly but can happen to a person of any age.  Some warning signs of stroke are:

Sudden weakness or numbness in any part of the body.
Sudden confusion or trouble speaking.
Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.

You can remember these symptoms by remembering: Droopy, Drifty, Dog.  A person displaying at least one of these symptoms has a 72% probability of having a stroke.

THREE warning signs of stroke

Droopy: one side of the person’s face suddenly droops and their face expression is not symmetrical.

Drifty: ask the person to close their eyes and hold their arms out in front of them.  If the person’s arms fall or the person can not hold them steady, this is another sign of stroke.

Dog: the person can not repeat a word like “dog”.

THREE hour window

If you think some one is having a stroke, act immediately to get them to a hospital.  After the original onset of symptoms: Droopy, Drifty, Dog; there is a three hour window of opportunity for the person to be treated without suffering permanent brain damage.